"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb Goings On

We are still waiting word from the insurance company about the payout for the truck. Yes, Paul calls every day. Yes, we are being persistent. Yes, we are doing all we know to do. It is hard being patient, especially as no truck means no income for us.

Even though Paul had full coverage on the truck, we are finding that what they *do* cover is really limited since the truck caught on fire, instead of oh, say being stolen. The insurance company, among other things, isn't covering the tools or his personal belongings that went up in smoke. He lost some where in the neighborhood of $1,000 worth of tools and hundreds of dollars of personal items that he needed for work such as insulated coveralls etc.

A friend started an auction fundraiser for us and are working on doing all they can to raise funds to help off-set some of those expenses. We are deeply grateful for everyone kindly pitching in and doing what they can to help!

Katya continues to work on her communication here at home and else where. We finally figured out that evidently all these years she had thought her Ipad ("talker") was only to be used officially at school. That would explain her secretive usage of it here at home for several years! I stumbled on to this purely by accident when one day when I was trying yet again to get her to use her device and she was unhappily screeching at me.  I finally exclaimed, "Katya, Miss Lindsey [her SLP] WANTS you to use her talker here at home too!" From that day on, things have improved so we have occasionally repeated that piece of information, just to keep it fresh in her mind.

It's paying off!

Katya came the other day, caught my eye, picked up her device while periodically checking on me to make sure I was still watching her, and then told me the above all 100% on her own! For whatever reasons, tearing paper is something she does when she is stressed and to date she has been perfectly content to grab any paper--preferably something she suspects might be important to us--and trash it. For her to communicate that she needed paper to tear was HUGE. Now, granted, she'd already trashed one of Todd's college papers before she came and showed me this, but she evidently was feeling bad about it and wanting more paper to tear that was appropriate for her. Needless to say, we praised her for communicating and got her all the paper she wanted!

Kristina turned 17 and we had a low key family birthday party for her.

When I went to get groceries and flowers for Kristina's birthday meal, I prayed for cheap flowers. I had to search a good while but I finally found two clearance packages of flowers that were SO pretty. . . . and only $2.99 each! So I got the flowers for about $6.00. Charity sorted out the ones that were not fit to display and arranged the rest so beautifully. Kristina was thrilled.

Kristina wanted a gluten/dairy free coconut cake. She helped Charity make it. It was really tasty I thought.

And now she is 17 and we can't sing, "You are 16, going on 17!" any more to her, but we told her we can sing, "You are 17, going on 18!" now! ;-)

One of Paul's relatives was en-route to visit relatives in Canada and met up with Paul and the kids for awhile the other day for a little. Chad and Kristina were happy to see some of their cousins again!

Paul's parents had given all their kids a beef cow some time ago and Paul's relatives brought the last of our meat to us too! We are so thankful to have that in our freezer right now!

How is your Feb going??


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