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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Doctor in the House: My Life With Ben Carson

I have been eagerly waiting for Candy Carson's book, "A Doctor in the House: My Life With Ben Carson" to show up in our local library. Today was the day that I finally found it in the new books section!

I have started reading it already and am finding myself very interested, as I expected to be.  Candy's stories help fill in some of the questions our family has had about some aspects in Doctor Carson's life. For instance, I had always wondered if the portrayal of them losing twins in the movie, "Gifted Hands", was accurate. I questioned it as I had never heard Doctor Carson mention that in any of his speeches or books. (If it's there, I have missed it.) Candy writes about the death of their twins in  "A Doctor in the House".

Candy writes with a clear and engaging style that makes the book a fast read. This is a plus for me as a busy Mom to kids with special needs.

Obviously, I have not finished the book yet, but I can't imagine that I will end it feeling any differently than I do so far--that this book is a great addition to my reading list!

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