"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Deep, Deep Joy

The last few weeks have contained times of deep, deep joy for us as Katya continues to make amazing strides forward! We are so excited!

Not only is she continuing to have much greater success with attempts at learning to talk than she had pre-surgery (and her surgeons have *NO* idea why she came out of her general anesthesia being able to make many, many more vocalizations than she had been able to do prior to going to sleep!) but her develop emotionally and behaviorally has been taking off!

We are so excited to be getting "Good Friend Awards" and positive reports coming home again and again from school!

Additionally, when various ones of us come home after being gone running errands, Doctor appointments or whatever, the family member is usually greeted now with a wide smile and enthusiasm--maybe even several good hugs by Katya!

This fills  my heart with much joy, especially when she directs her beaming smile towards me and hugs me! ;-)

Yes, there are still lots and lots of challenges but we are seeing so many exciting steps forward for our beautiful girlie! It is wonderful to see the healing God is doing in her broken places and how He is restoring her back to the person He created her to be. We can not wait to see what new things Katya accomplishes each week!

Her SLP states that in all her years of working with hundreds of clients she has never seen anything happen before like what she is watching happen with Katya--that she went into surgery, only able to consistently say several sounds, and woke up, with a much, much broader range of sounds! And then, due to all the serious post-op complications Katya had, she missed almost 2 months of her speech therapy, and yet walked back into therapy able to make all kinds of sounds and words she could not do prior to surgery!

As her SLP stated, "We knew that her surgery was medically necessary, but we were so concerned about how it could negatively impact her perhaps--we had no clue what all these wonderful things would come out of the surgery!" Who knew indeed? Only God!

We are extremely grateful that things are going so well right now! Over Christmas break Katya was very sick with a few things, but after getting tests done and on the right antibiotics, it cleared up quickly and Katya has seemed healthier and happier than ever before in her time with us! We are truly happy.

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Laura Elizabeth said...

That is AWESOME! You go, Katya and family!