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Friday, February 26, 2016

And Kristina is 16

Kristina celebrated her 16th birthday recently. She was quite surprised to be gifted with a great, heavy cardboard box--so big and heavy that she could not move it. She was further surprised to see Russian writing on it!

Yes! the box was full of a Russian china set, including a soup tureen! Way back in August/Sept of 2005 when we adopted her, we had purchased a Russian china set in her birth town and with the help of our dear Russian friends, packaged it up and it was sent via UPS back to the United States to wait for her birthday at some future point!
We had not purchased the matching tea set at the time, but when we returned to Russia in 2010, we were surprised and pleased to find the exact same pattern of tea set in a shop, and we purchased and hand carried that home to give to Kristina. She was thrilled with that, and then to get a matching china set some years later just shocked her to no end! ;-) I'm truly happy that we could do this for her, as the china is incredibly beautiful, and because it is from her birth country, it is meaningful to Kristina.
She wanted to eat her birthday cake on one of her new plates.
And while her birthday was a much smaller deal than we would have liked it to be, due largely to me being in a state of pain and dysfunction due to a torn rotator cuff (which is now healed, thankfully!), Kristina still had a happy birthday.


Laura Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Kristina!!

katiemacgregor said...

SUCH a lovely gift!!!! You are so thoughtful!