"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, October 26, 2015

Katya Needs Prayers

Katya has not been really well ever since her surgery. She was doing better, then slumped. She has been to the Doctors multiple times, has had tons of lab work done, and now today, with her **STILL** sick, we took her to the Doctor again and ended up finding out that Katya has: a fever again of 99.6 F, swollen lymph nodes, a "beefy, red tongue", and "odd sounds in her lungs". Additionally, she had sores on her face that are concerning.

So a lot of swabs and cultures were done, we were sent to get labs and X-rays. The results of the X-rays are back already and we know that Katya has pneumonia in her left lung. For right now, we are allowed to keep her at home with careful watching and management. We have our orders, and know what to do and when to take her to the ER if need be. Depending on the lab results tonight or tomorrow AM (whenever the Doc gets them) we may have to take her to the hospital to be admitted. That is not a happy thought  . . .

Additionally, Chad has been struggling and we were thinking it was "just" his asthma but now we don't know so he has an appointment for tomorrow AM to get checked as well. Just need to make sure he also does not have pneumonia since both kids got sick with seemingly the same thing last week within about 24 hours of each other.

I can't say thank you enough for all the thoughts, support and prayers that have already come our family's way, and I thank you for continuing in prayer for our precious Katya and Chad!

(Katya getting one of multiple swabs done today.)

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Laura Elizabeth said...

I'll be praying for you all to get through this difficult time. God bless!