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Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Big Surprise!!

There is a sweet family in our community who we knew a little in several different ways. When they found out that Katya was having surgery, they got in touch with us and asked what music Katya liked, and some other questions.

Last night, they came over with an amazing huge gift bag! Look at one of the things inside for Katya!

She was so curious and then so happy when she realized what it was! What is it, you ask? An AMAZING MP3 player that this kind family pre-loaded with some of Katya's favorite songs and some very wise choices of their own! The ears also function as a nightlight of gentle rotating colors! Katya loves it. And when I explained that her friend, S., had a similar bunny and that this present was from S. and her Mom and Dad because they thought Katya would like one too, Katya's face lit up in the happiest and sweetest of smiles!
This very generous gift will be accompanying us to the hospital, no doubt about it. It's small and light weight enough that Katya can tuck it beside her in bed if she wants to, and tidy enough to sit easily on the bedside tray if that works better. I am guessing that it will accompany us to the treatment room for blood draws and such as well.
The love and care of this family will bless our family for many days! Our deepest, most heart-felt thanks to the W. family!!
And while I'm giving thanks, I'm going to mention a few more people who have done a lot to help us be ready to leave in various ways! This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but quickly off the top of my head, a big shout out to A. who has been coming over and faithfully helping us get some fall house cleaning done for the last few weeks. I was not able to get the entire house done, but we got the main areas done and the kids bedrooms done, so I'm very thankful and will call it good till we are back from Baltimore. Also, she came over yesterday and helped do a general cleaning of the main areas of the house so that we can leave things pretty clean for those who will be still here at home. That is such a peace of mind to me!
Additionally, there is Katya's dear music teacher, Amy, who has been blessing our family in various ways by spear heading up some things like an email list to send out prayer requests for our family, meals for after we come home and other things! She's an amazing woman of God with a servant heart!
And then there is Laura, who is the most amazing and wonderful director of the special needs support group we are a part of. She has been coming with ideas that will be a blessing and help to us!
There are many more people but as I said, this is not intended to be a comprehensive list. But we want to thank all of you who have helped in any way from the bottom of our hearts! We are feeling the prayers of God's people for Katya and our family and are seeing the results in tangible ways!

We ask you to continue to pray for Katya's Doctors and all the staff that will be involved in her care. She will start having appointments on Tuesday, the main one being with a Child Life Specialist who has a lot of ideas that we are hoping and praying will be useful for Katya in various ways. Then Wed., September 9th we need to be at the hospital 5:30 AM to start pre-surgery prep. Then they hope to have surgery going by 7:30 AM. It is expected to be another very long surgery--close in length to her previous one, which was about 13 hours.
Pray for Katya to have peace and calm in her heart, and for her little body to handle the stress of this surgery well. Thank you, dear friends!

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