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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Music Lesson Report

This was the super exciting music lesson report we received from Katya's teacher after her lesson last week.

Hi Hope Anne,  Really enjoyed having A. [someone who is working on writing a book about our family's journey to Katya and her life with us] come for Katya's lesson.  Katya must have sensed she was there for her, as her performance was heightened and she did especially well.
Usually on the note songs I point to each note and Katya carefully follows each one playing the correct key on the piano.  She loves this systematic learning and enjoys the song she is hearing herself play.  This time, without any suggestion from me, she jumped right in and pointed to the notes herself (with her left hand ) carefully and correctly playing each key (with her right hand).

 She did this for the first two lines and then played the last two lines just looking and playing from the age (with no pointer hand!!) That has never happened.  She can now read music ( at least the big note kind with the letter names on them.)  I will keep feeding her new songs of these that she can do at the lesson and at home.  From there we will transfer to learning and reading notes without names on them.
The other fun thing was that when we played, "He's Got the Whole World," she automatically added her left hand, playing the chords exactly right.  We haven't done much with the left hand at all and this was exciting to see.  

She has such a love of music and a sensitivity to it - she joins and mimics me both in accuracy, tempo and feeling, to where she plays very musically as well.  This was so precious and evident as she enthusiastically jumped in to play guitar playing loud, excited strums and then quieted  down on her own to match how I was singing.

The other fun thing was when I asked if she wanted to play the harp or the guitar, she got her "talking board" (?) [Katya's IPad with the LAMP Words for Life app]  and pressed a button showing "Guitar". 

Beyond that we sang and did hand motions to " You Shall Love the Lord Your God" which she enjoys so much.   If you could help reinforce this at home that would be great.  Perhaps Alyssa could teach Charity or Kristina.  

That's all for now.  Looking forward to next week :  )
--Katya's music teacher
Needless to say, this report got a lot of people in Katya's life pretty happy! ;-)

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Laura Elizabeth said...

That's wonderful! Go Katya!