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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ukraine, We Weep and Pray With You Today

Ukraine is in mourning today.

We weep and pray with them. Our hearts are broken. For those mourning in Ukraine. And yes, for those mourning in Russia who are losing loved ones in this completely and utterly senseless war that the leaders of Russia have instigated against Ukraine.

We have children from both countries who love and respect each other in this family. Would that the world as a whole would understand how to do that too!

We wait for Jesus who has promised true and lasting peace on the earth. Until then, we will continue to pray and weep and do all that we can to help the refugees from the war in Ukraine.

You too can assist them through organizations such as Jeremiah's Hope, Life To Orphans and MCC. The needs are huge, and urgent. It is estimated that there are over  600,000 displaced persons at this point in the tough, winter weather. Some estimate that there are as many as 900,000. These are all families who have fled their homes and businesses--often with nothing but a suitcase, hastily grabbed which may or may not contain enough necessities to get them through just a few days.

We weep with Ukraine. We pray for them. We donate whatever we can. Every single dollar helps, and because the economy in Ukraine is so tough right now, every single USD goes farther than you would see it go here in the USA. I do not know about currency from other countries, but I would assume the situation could be similar.

Will you stand with Ukraine? Will you put yourself in the shoes of these people who want nothing more than peace, and help pray for them, donate relief supplies, and spread the word about the needs? If so, thank you from the bottom of our family's heart.


Caleb Suko said...

We appreciate your prayers and posts on Ukraine!

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