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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Music Lesson Report

Katya has been happily taking piano again after a 7 month hiatus due to her teacher's schedule. She surprised no one really when she went back for the first lesson and demonstrated that she had retained what she had been taught so many months before without any serious losses of information.

We love having the weekly reports coming in again. Here is the one for this week.

Hi Hope Anne,  Had another great lesson with Katya today. She is so fun, absolutely enthralled while waiting for her lesson, happy and jumping and waving her hands :  ) 

She really enjoys following the lettered notes on the staff with one hand while playing with the other, very deliberate.  I worked with her this time on requiring the set number of beats written, which she picked up on and followed.  To transfer to using the correct fingers for each key, we wrote the corresponding note on her fingernails for the five tone scale.  I had her do four counts on each one ascending and descending, both to have her focus and also  to strengthen each finger because she is inclined to use her pointer.  

   I will be using the Sing and Play series now that she has a good understanding.  We started on page 27 of Book 1 which she really enjoyed and mastered.  You could have her go over that through the week and anything else before it she might enjoy.  She also wrote all the key names on the piano keyboard in the Write and Listen book that you could see. I think on page 19.  She had no trouble and did the whole thing.
   We have moved on to reading chords on the music, When the Saints, labeling them 
C- Green,  G Blue and F Purple ( she really likes that one ) I put the colors on the keys as a reminder of how to play a mini C, G and F.  She catches right on and at the end voluntarily played with both hands,  He's Got the Whole World while we sang.  :  )  
This makes our hearts smile. We are so happy that Katya is being able to progress musically since she enjoys music soo much. Ironically, she does not tend to practice much in between lessons. Her school days are long, and by the time she gets home she is tired and wants to veg out and be allowed to have some peace and quiet. We are also busy making supper and then it's bedtime before another long day.  So sadly, practice is something that does not happen much at all but in spite of that, Katya continues to make good progress, again proving how amazing her brain is. I'm sure were she practicing every day or even regularly several days a week her progress would be even faster.
We are very proud of her.

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