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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vacation--Toledo Zoo--Part 1

The end of July and first part of August, we were privileged to take a little vacation when a long-time family friend invited us to stay a few nights in her cabin on the edge of Lake Superior.

We prepped Katya ahead of time by checking out books on vacation from the library and reading them to her over and over. She seemed to like them, so we were hopeful that when we told her that we were leaving the next day for vacation that she would be happy and not stressed out.

She was! Until we showed up at summer camp to take her out a little early to leave!

Poor girl! She was crying bitterly as her teacher brought her to us. She calmed down a little when she realized everyone was outside waiting for her.

But she was still sad and would periodically burst into tears the first day and cry sadly all over again!

We stopped to eat a packed picnic lunch on the way to the Toledo Zoo. I don't think I got any photos of that--we were too busy trying to quickly eat and get back on the road so we would have as much time as possible at the zoo!

When we got to the Zoo, Katya was initially very anxious and upset, wanted her noise-cancelling ear muffs and even those were not enough help. Every thing was triggering her, and I began to think we might need to leave before we even got started really,  but Charity remembered to apply Peace and Calming and Stress Away Essential Oils, and Katya soon calmed down and began to enjoy the zoo--A LOT!

Chad was EXTREMELY happy! He is all about animals and wants to learn as much as he can every time he is at the zoo.

Katya and I were both fascinated by the elephants. That was probably the most enjoyable part of the zoo trip for me.


It was especially fun to see them using their trunks to blindly fish out treats!

The kiddos enjoyed the animal masks.

Our trip to the zoo was most satisfactory and a great start to our first day of vacation!



Boysmom said...

How fun! You should come to Cincy and visit the zoo here, with ME. Then the next day, the museum center. :) I'm happy that Katya did so well.

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