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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ukraine's Independence Day

Today is Ukraine's Independence Day. It is a poignant day, as they are celebrating their independence from the former USSR while simultaneously being forced to fight again for their freedom from Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine.

I was privileged to watch some clips from the parade and speeches, thanks to a new initiative launched today--"Ukraine Today"--English news from Ukraine!  Check it out!

In honor of Ukraine's Independence Day, here are some photos of our kids taken wearing traditional Ukraine clothing. I don't think I have ever shared it before, but on my husband's side of the family, our relatives came from Ukraine.

Miss Katya of course--taken this spring.

And and older picture of the other kids taken probably in the winter of 2009 or early spring 2010. I  purchased outfits for them when I first went to Ukraine in 2009.


They all are pretty fond of their outfits. Chad sadly outgrew his, but my friend, Anne, was able to find and purchase one for him that she brought to the USA when they came last fall, so he has one he can wear again. I really should get updated photos now that we have Katya with all the kids wearing them.

We pray for the peace of Ukraine, and wish them all the best!! Ukraine is very near and dear to our hearts. (So is Russia for that matter, but we do not appreciate what they are doing to Ukraine and their peace-loving people.)

Slava Ukraini!

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