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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yes, We Love You!

Years ago, we were at a evening picnic with home school friends. As we gathered around a bonfire to sing that night, the host and his wife introduced us to a song that was completely new to us.

Starting with first one person, and moving around the entire group, we sang, "Yes, we love you _________, yes we love you  . . . "  Each person got mentioned by name about 6 times in the song, and then it would pass on to the next person.

The first time it happened to me, it made me very emotional, way deep down inside. I don't know if I can even this many years later fully put it into words.

Over the years, as we have continued to "hang out" at  various events at this family's home, I have become rather "used to it" and find it less emotional to me personally, but I still love watching everyone's reactions as the song is sung to them.

The first time Katya had it sung to her, she looked quite startled and wide eyed.

This weekend these same friends hosted a family weekend as they do each summer, that has a focus on missions. It's a lot of good clean fun, and very informative as well. The event starts on Friday afternoon late and runs through Sunday, which includes a church service and then a meal afterwards before everyone breaks up to go home.

Today, after church, the host had us all sing, "Yes we love you ____________" to each other. There were probably about 50 plus people. I don't know for sure, but probably around that. It took awhile even though we went rollicking at top speed through it! The looks on people's faces were again interesting to observe. Some people took it very in stride. One man grabbed his wife and soundly kissed her as we sang about how we loved her. Some kids hid their faces in shy embarrassment.

This time, when it was turn for Katya to be sung to, she took it in stride calmly but clearly was interested in being sung to. She also enjoyed clapping along and doing her best to help sing to the rest of the room!

I really think that the host and his wife are brilliant in the out-working of that little song. Maybe for some people who come, it's the first time they really have been celebrated and told they are loved. Maybe there is a person who is struggling with feeling unloved who just needs to hear that! Whatever the case, I don't think that it hurts anyone to hear that song, with their name repeated about 6 times in it!

I doubt that I am the only person that has been deeply impacted by this simple song over the years. Probably most if not all of us need to hear more often that we are loved. Without strings, without reservations. Just loved for being ourselves, God's creation.

Have you ever participated in singing this song?? Or a similar one? And if so, what are your thoughts?


hoonew said...

Got a link to the song?

Noah Hursh said...

Hi HopeAnne! Have you seen anything in the news that Dr Ben Carson is thinking of being a Republican Candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election? I right away thought of you all and Katya! Hubby thought if he does run he could stand a very good chance of getting it. Have a blessed day! -Faith Hursh

Hope Anne said...

hoonew, no, I am so sorry but I do not have a link to the song. I should try to record at least some of it sometime. ;-)

Noah Hursh (Faith), yes, we talked briefly with Dr Carson about it back before he retired and he said that if God made clear to him that he should run for President, he would--but only if God made it clear. I pray for him to keep that focus. ;-)