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Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Reading and Watching Box?

A few years ago, we began creating a box of reading and watching materials that were themed for Winter/Christmas. That was such a hit with our family, that we added a Spring/Easter themed box the next year. That too went well, so this past fall, we added a box of fall/Thanksgiving themed materials.

Now the children are asking for a Summer/4th of July box!

I'm taking suggestions because so far my looking at the thrift store has not turned up anything. I did a quick search on Amazon the other day when I was needing to order another item and tacked on a Pete the Cat book.

 (Amazon Affiliate Link Above)

Taking suggestions for any age range book from easy reader to adult and the same for videos that have a clear summer or summer holiday theme.

We love having the boxes to switch out for each season. It is "fresh" after the children have not had access to them for a year! Because the items are already in a nice box, it's fast and easy for me to grab the correct box from the shelf and set it out. The children know how to dive in and enjoy. I try to add some magazines like  Romantic Homes or Bliss Victoria that are themed to that season as well. I enjoy flipping through them myself when I don't have time or energy to read but want something to quickly do for a break.

Standing by and taking suggestions now! ;-)

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Milena said...

:-) This past week I picked out summer themed books for exposure at the library where I work! I will check on Monday if any of them happen to be translated to/from English!