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Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Vacation on the Cheap

* Go to the Smoky Mountain National Park area on the "off-season", thus finding inexpensive but decent    lodging.

* Pack and eat a lot of your own food--restock from local grocery stores as needed.

* Purchase the rest of your meals carefully, using coupons or gift cards you saved for the trip. Drink water.

* Spend your time hanging out in the park

* Read a book purchased from the Ranger Station that has amusing and educational stories for entertainment

* Enjoy window shopping and not much buying.

And there you go! Inexpensive, and oh so much fun and relaxation!!

Paul and I were thankful to be able to go to TN for a 3 night get-away. We left Sunday after church, and came back Wed. evening. Two days of enjoying **sun**, flowers, fresh air and roaring water in the Park did us a lot of good!
The children did fine with us gone, thanks to our capable child-sitters, and all was well when we arrived back home.


Thanking God for the wonderful world we had to enjoy, and for an opportunity for Paul and I to spend quality time together rejuvenating our bodies, minds and emotions.

Editing to add this photo taken from our balcony the last morning we were thee. We so much enjoyed having the ability to sit on our private balcony and listen to the rushing Pigeon River. We also were able to sleep with the door ajar at night so we could breathe the clean, sweet mountain air and hear the roar of the river over the rocks. Made for some good sleep!

Photo: My view for about another 10 min. Thankful to everyone who helped make this happen!

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