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Friday, February 14, 2014

Closing the Sick Bay--I Hope--And Music

Finally, at long last, everyone is feeling a ton better--except for my poor hubby! We have an AGREEMENT that he's going to the Dr next week unless he has a miracle over the weekend and wakes up Monday morning feeling like a new man!

Poor guy, he has had to keep going far too often since he first got sick, and even though he HAS done a lot of resting, a lot of napping, and has been taking all his supplements etc. and his head congestion has cleared up, he keeps on coughing. So time to get that checked, I think.

It feels good to be doing school again with Chad (and the girls, although they are both fairly independent to a long extent), to be going out to the library, and to have resumed music lessons again!

Speaking of music lessons, we had some great news a few weeks ago from Katya's teacher!

Just read it for yourself!

HI Hope Anne,

   I was so pleased with Katya's lesson.  Somehow something clicks
with her and she just does the thing I have been trying to teach her
for several weeks.  She played "He's Got the Whole World'  just about
all by herself while I sang... and she "sang" as well.  She is getting
the hang of simple chords and for the first time today switched chords
at the right times.  The other thing that was so sweet was that the
second time I accompanied her and she really settled into the song and
was enjoying hearing some "real" music.
  Also, I gave her a new book, the first of the Sing and Play series
since she now can recognize where the key names are and uses the
corresponding fingers.  I wrote the page number of the song we worked
on on the inside cover, - the "Elevator " , using C,D,E.  If Kristina
or Charity could go over this with her and some of the other ones she
could do, it would be great reinforcement.  One stumbling block I had
was getting her to use the correct finger for each key as she liked
using only her index finger.  We wrote the corresponding letter to the
key on her finger nails with a erasable marker.  i.e. a "C" written on
her thumbnail, "D" written on her index finger etc, thus she knew
where to place her finger.  She is getting use to using this position
more, now.

 I feel like at this point she is really going to catch on now that
she has a structure laid out before her that she can understand. The
stickers are hers to use as she likes.  There is a small chart on the
upper half that shows where each letter goes on each piano key.  She,
however knows most of them and has placed them correctly without my
help. She loves doing this and is very meticulous about placing them
correctly and putting them back in their proper place.
   She played most of the Elevator song by herself, which is so fun to see :  )


Isn't that such an encouraging progress note? I'm very thankful that God has put so many loving people into Katya's life who are helping her to progress in the things she is blessed with ability to do!

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