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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Bit of Sunshine In My Life

A few years ago, I purchased a "grab bag" of assorted fabric pieces and scrappy bits at our local thrift store. After I got it home and was carefully sorting through it, I found what was clearly an attempt by someone to start a quilt. Some blocks were sewn together, some pieces were cut out, and there was additional fabric. It was kind of obvious looking that there was almost certainly a fabric shortage of at least the yellow, but I felt drawn to some of the fabric combos. It just seemed a shame to waste the work that had been put into this quilt already  . . . if I sent it back to the thrift store, who knew where it might end up? And so, I, tending towards being a sentimental softie, kept this bag of someone's short-circuited plans and dreams.
Eventually, I talked to my friend, Ann, about it and asked her if she would be willing to complete the quilt for me, using whatever fabrics she could make work. I was willing to pay her for it. She said she would see what she could do, and so the whole mess went to her house. This past weekend, she sent me the quilt. (And NOT the bill--she wouldn't give me one, bless her heart!) Here is the quilt, spread out over our couch. It's just the right size to cuddle under.

I love it. It's "scrappy" without being completely scrappy!

Amazing friend she is, she even tracked down the name of the quilt blocks--"Peace and Plenty"--and then she found a reading to go with it, and put that on the back of the quilt for me too!

I love the quilting design she choose--flowers. the back is the white you see flipped up here, with a strip of one of the green fabrics running down through the center.

The name is a good reminder to me that God has plenty of peace and other provisions for me. The quilt is a visual reminder of one of my best friends, and the love, time and money she was willing to put into this quilt for me. The realization that thanks to Ann's hard work, this pile of fabric was rescued from an uncertain fate makes me happy and satisfied. It puts a little Sunshine in my life. ;-)

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