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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running a Sick Bay

This past Sunday Chad started getting sleepy, along with a hoarse voice. It's not like him to be sick, NOR to be so sleepy, so we wondered what was coming down the pike. Since Paul was out of town visiting his family down South, I for sure wanted everyone well!

Alas, it was not to be! By Monday evening it was clear Chad probably had croup. I honestly thought we might have to run him into the ER for a breathing treatment (something we have not had to do for years) until Charity reminded me that we had the cool mist diffuser and we could put some EO (essential oils) in it that might help. So we hurriedly set that up and had Chad start breathing the mist as deeply as he could, and sure enough, after about 10 minutes his tight, hard cough started to ease up and he became more relaxed. Since then, we have had to run the diffuser pretty well steady day and night close to him. but we avoided a trip to the ER! One day we had to use blankets and afghans even to make the modern day equivalent of a "croup tent" for him as he lay on the couch.

Chad did see the Dr on Wed afternoon because in addition to croup, he also developed a horribly painful ear. The Dr said it "could rupture any second" and expressed much sympathy for how miserable Chad was. Between the croup and the ear infection, the "Stuffing" was pretty much pummeled out of Chad AND Mom! Cause if Chad wasn't sleeping, neither was Mom! And Chad was not able to sleep much at all Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.

Thankfully, the ear drum did NOT rupture, and by this morning Chad thought he was feeling well enough to go to our local support group meeting. However, in retrospect it seemed to have been a "little much" for him because by the time it was done, he was very pale. Eating lunch did not improve his color so we finally tucked him back on the couch for a long, long rest. After a few hours he looked a lot better, wanted to eat more food, AND finally got up and started being the most active he had been all week for a short period of time! It was good to start to see a tiny glimpse of our "old, healthy Chad" coming back again!

Katya enjoyed going back to the support group today.

So did Kristina.

Charity and her friend, D., played their violins for the kids which seemed to be a big hit again.

It was good to end this crazy, hectic, stressful week with time with friends. So thankful for our support group.

As to the rest of the family, it now appears Charity and I may be fighting what Chad had, or something else nasty. I hope we are done with running a sick bay, so hopefully we can fight whatever bug this is off before it fells us completely. Charity was so zapped she went to bed with her younger sisters, and that is totally unheard of for her!

We are trying to stay healthy--here's wishing it for all of my blog readers as well!

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Astrin Ymris said...

Poor Chad!

BTW, you don't say how Katya reacted to Chad receiving so much attention. Dare I hope that means that she's now secure enough to take this in stride?