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Friday, December 27, 2013

Turkey Noodle Soup

After enjoying a yummy turkey on Christmas Day, Paul and I picked the meat from the bones, and then threw the bones and the broth that was left after making gravy into the crockpot. It simmered till Charity was ready to make soup for supper last night.

And what a yummy soup it was!

Charity did not use a recipe.  But to the broth from the bones, she added plenty of diced carrots, celery, onions, dried dill (from our garden) and fresh parsley (from the pot on the window ledge) along with left-over diced turkey and then of course, the spelt noodles. Mmmmmm!!! We all enjoyed it last night, and look forward to a re-run of it today.

What are you making with your Christmas left-overs?

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c smith said...

We always have a beef roast, mashed potato casserole(topped with bacon, it's awesome)fresh green beans, and homemade rolls. With the leftovers I make bbq sandwiches one day, and then a shepherds pie the next. I would love Christmas for the food if nothing else!