"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, November 8, 2013

School Photo

The beginning of this school year was so hectic for me as we were still gardening and canning and a lot of other things were going on in my life as well.

Unfortunately, I dropped the ball and thought that school photos were one day later in the week than they really were.

When I showed up at school the appointed day and realized my mistake, I quickly remedied it as best as I could, quickly filling out a form, paying my fee, and making sure the teacher got the paper work to get Katya's photo done.

When they came home . . . . my heart sank to my toes, and I nearly cried.

Katya's anxiety at this sudden unexpected change of her routine clearly showed. I was surprised as she had done fairly well the previous two years and it was the same photographer! I would not have expected that my forgetting to warn her of the photos being taken would have created such a difference.

Break my heart! Katya looked so anxious and stressed out!

I felt terrible. Like a Mom-failure . . . and my heart was just so sad for Katya.

With the encouragement of some of my more experienced Mom-friends, I sent the photos back and asked for a re-take. I was willing to pay for the retake if need be! But thankfully, they just re-did the photo shoot without a fresh charge.

Check out the difference created by knowing ahead of time that her photo would be taken.

Yes, yes! That is much more like it!!! So thankful for the re-take! Now I have nice photos to hand out to relatives!


hoonew said...

That is a nice improvement on the retake. I've been disappointed over the years with school photos that showed my daughter so unfavorably- don't the photographers even look at the pictures after they take them? They can't delete the one with her tongue lolling out, and try again? And her one-on-one aide couldn't straighten up the part in her hair before the shot? I know how hard it is to take a picture that makes her look as beautiful as she actually is, but they don't seem to make the slightest effort, it seems.

Hevel said...

Seriously? The original looked better than most of the school pics my kids ever had, and the retake is just awesome.

r. said...

Katya looks beautiful! I wish the orphanage could see photos like this, to see what potential the kids had in them all along.

Hope Anne said...

"R"--I plan to make sure that the orphanage she came from sees photos of her for the last 3 years sometime by next spring, hopefully! Maybe even some video footage as well!

Milena said...

The second photo is very sweet! How nice that you got a re-take, and somehow interesting and reassuring to know that your preparation really does make a huge difference!