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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Better

Miss Katya was a lot better today, but still not better enough to send to school. She was (mainly) cheerful, AND ate large quantities, so I think she feels better, but I wasn't comfortable sending her yet.

Photo: Katya--still sick, but getting better

I wanted her home so I could keep ointment on her regularly. We sure hope that her spots are cleared up enough that tomorrow she can go to school. If not, I'm taking her back to the Dr I guess.

We are busy getting ready for guests from Katya's birth country to come next week! We are so excited, as we spent a lot of time in-country with them when we were adopting Katya, and to have them coming now to spend time with us is very special and exciting. It gives us extra impetus to get fall house cleaning projects done. I'm sure we won't be all done by the time they arrive--Katya's issues have meant Mom has spent way too much time dealing with that and not getting other things done--but I'll be happy for whatever is done before they arrive.

I changed our Amazon affiliate link on the right hand side of the blog--time to start thinking about Christmas! As always, you can purchase whatever you want to purchase from Amazon through the link--it does not have to be just what I'm displaying on the widget. A small percentage of most items purchased goes to help with Katya's expenses. Thank you to all who shop through her link!

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