"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, November 25, 2013

Essential Oils

In our quest to help Katya, we have tried many things. Cautiously, judiciously, and often only after Dr approval, especially if it was something she was going to take internally.

Well, in spite of finding things that helped--a lot--when all combined--we were still battling horrible anxiety levels. It was so bad that we were actually in process of trying to get appointments set up with an end goal of hopefully being able to consider a trial of an anti-anxiety medication. It was NOT a decision that was being made lightly by anyone involved, and not something that anyone felt really good about due to several issues, but Katya's anxiety level was still so high that we felt it would be kinder to medicate than to not medicate.

Enter Essential Oils. I've used Essential Oils for years in one way or another. I had some standard blends and singles that I always kept on hand. But after hearing more from some special needs Moms about how they use Essential Oils with their special needs kids, I decided to kick it up a notch.

We invested in a diffuser and a few more oils from Young Living since that was a company I was already familiar with and using some oils from. The next time we could visibly see Katya's anxiety levels rising, I offered her a sniff of "StressAway". When she seemed to approve, I offered to let her apply some. Katya eagerly cooperated and within a few minutes, it was clear to all of us watching that her anxiety was diminishing and she soon was ready to go off and play again. "Hmm, that was pretty cool!" we all exclaimed.

We began to use the diffuser, diffusing "StressAway" one night, and "Peace and Calming" the next in a rotating pattern. We also started applying "StressAway" to Katya morning and evening. Suddenly, her behavior chart from school started coming home completely "good" day after day. ;-) We saw clear-cut, measurable improvements in various things at home that were a big problem prior to the introduction of these oils on a regular basis into Katya's life.


It has been very revealing, and rather sad, to see how many issues were clearly anxiety driven since we are seeing more of the "real Katya" now, thanks to these calming oils!

I don't know if the regular use of these oils will be enough long term or not, but since we have not  been able to get Katya into a professional yet who can give her further help, I'm extremely grateful for the help we ARE getting from these oils. Katya LOVES having the oils applied to her, and she's clearly eager for them each time. We are very grateful for a little relief from the anxiety that Katya's past history of trauma, neglect and abuse has produced in her. It's awesome to see her being able to be more relaxed and happy.

Three cheers for Essential Oils!

Have you used Essential Oils, and if so, what is your experience with them?



Kristie Godwin said...

Hope Anne, do you know if it is safe to use with very young children? I am concerned about Isabelle's stress level. She is CONSTANTLY anxious. She has only been home since the beginning of Aug, so it is still pretty normal, but I would love to do something to help her.

Hope Anne said...

Kristie, my understanding is that yes, these two particular oils would be safe to use externally on even a young child. You might want to mix with a carrier oil first (a little melted coconut oil, or olive oil for example) IF you have concerns about skin sensitivity. Katya does not have issues so far with a drop on each wrist and then I put a drop on my finger and swipe it across her forehead. If she thinks I am forgetting her forehead, she will lean it down to show me that I'm supposed to do there too! ;-) You would want to let Isabelle smell the oil first before applying to make sure the scent did not upset her. You can also try a high quality lavender oil rubbed on the bottoms of the feet before bed to help with relaxation. Our Dr also recommended a daily Epsom Salt bath (which helps increase magnesium levels) before bed. That has helped too! The anxiety these poor kiddos go through is just heart-breaking to see each day, and very painful to walk through with our kiddos. If you have any more questions, or want to order the oils, please feel free to get in touch, and I wish you much wisdom and strength from God!

Fath Hursh said...

Good evening HopeAnne! I keep following along silently on your musings and thoroughly enjoying them. Our oldest going on 4 1/2 has never been diagnosed but from what we've read it seems she has quite a few symptoms of sensory integration disorder issues. So I really perk up and listen when you talk about what helps for you all & dear Katya! I just had hubby read your blog about essential oils and would wish to ask your more questions but in a less public way....would you have an email address I could converse with you at? I was very glad for your blog on the weighted blankets...we had one on loan from our adoption agency's library but I wonder if it wasn't weighted enough because she didn't act like it was anything special and because they are very costly through them we didn't purchase any. After church is a nightmare for us and the one who has her usually ends up going out to the van awhile so then the other one soon follows so we feel like our socializing is a thing of the past for now....maybe these oils would help...! --Faith (Scearce) Hursh