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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Pharmacy At My House

I have a pharmacy at my house.

Well, not really . . . but . . . way too many medications and supplements right now!

Poor Miss Katya has had a rough week. Tuesday she was vomiting when at music class and her respite care provider had to bring her home before her respite time was even up.

By Thursday evening I was pretty sure she had an attack of impetigo in several spots, and that it was spread to her eye.

By Friday morning, it was clear that Katya did.

Photo: Looks like Katya is headed to Dr, not school.  Argh.

So off to the Dr instead of school we went. Her Dr was out of the office, and we had to deal with his new-ish Certified Nurse Practitioner.  Turned out that it was an amazing and wonderful thing that we got to do so! She is the Mom of a child with a big handful of special needs--who was adopted! And the CNP "got" so many things--both from the perspective of a Mom of a child who was adopted with special needs AND as a medical care provider. I liked her a whole boat load, and hope that she has a long and happy life at our Drs's office! She gave Katya plenty of time and space before she approached her and tried to touch her, so Katya was perfectly fine by that point and very cooperative with this new person even though she was not feeling well.

Between all the supplements her Dr has her on, and now all the new meds, I find myself struggling to keep pu with getting every thing into Katya as needed at the various times of the day.

Thankfully, although she is still a sick little cookie, she seems to be going the right direction. Her eye is still pretty bad, but even that seems to be clearing up slowly but surely.

Unless there is a miracle, she won't be heading off to church tomorrow, but hopefully by Monday she can go back to school. If not, I guess we will be heading back to the Dr again.

Because Katya was clearly still contagious, we kept her in today. Charity kindly stayed with her so both Paul and I could attend Chad's soccer award ceremony. He had a great season and would love to participate again next year if we can work that out!


Chad with his coach.

Photo: Bethel Wiley  thought you might want to see these photos . . .  I'm so sorry you had to miss it!

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