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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Good Black Friday Shopping Trip

When Katya first came home, she had no clue about shopping. It was such an overwhelming experience for her that she was utterly miserable the whole time, and thus did not go very often, and certainly not for very long.

Little by little, she has gotten gradually more tolerant of it, and now a short shopping trip can sometimes go decently well. However, today's went amazingly well, especially given how busy the store was!

Charity needed a specific type of swing machine needles and a belt buckle for a sewing project she is working on (making a thrifted dress fit for wearing when she plays in the orchestra for a Christmas performance). So we decided to brave the crowds at JoAnn's and since Dad was working, he was not available to help with Katya. That meant we needed to try to make it work to take her along. We did every thing we could to set up a plan for success for her, and it worked!

That was a great feeling for ALL of us. ;-)

Here she is, being as good as gold in the shopping cart, while waiting in the long check out line.

Chad had taken along a $1.00 to spend, and was thrilled to find a light-up nose for $1.00. Here the clerk helped him use a coupon, so it was only 54 cents by the time it all rung up. Chad was delighted.

After watching the rest of us goof around with the fake nose, Katya finally agreed to try it.

She posed nicely for a photo, and got quite tickled with herself and that nose!  We were quite tickled watching her--there's nothing for making our hearts happy like seeing her happy!

After she came home today, Katya took to cutting and pasting. She is doing amazing--cutting many, many tiny squares--most of which are very similar in size. I bet her OT/PT teacher would be so pleased were she to see!


And in other happy news from today, we broke out the box of Winter/Christmas today after packing up the Fall/Thanksgiving one.

Photo: AND  . . . that box arriving in the living room kicks off the start of one of our most dearly loved winter/Christmas traditions! We started the idea a few years ago . . . and have added little by little as we found items cheap on sales or at the thrift store or consignment sales . . . it now contains so much I need a larger box . .  . The kids have eagerly been waiting for it to appear. ;-)

We started this tradition a few years ago after reading about a blogger who kept seasonal boxes of books. It was not a far stretch for me to think to add a few DVDs and magazines for additional pleasure for all the members of our family As we find items on sale or at places like consignment sales or the thrift store that I think will be "classics" for our family for years, they get added to the appropriate seasons' box. We have a box for every season but Summer now. I don't know if we will add one for summer or not. We seem to have so much going on during the summer, and generally have plenty to do that I don't know if we require a summer box. But it's been great having it for the other seasons! And the Christmas box is THE best of them all. ;-)

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