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Friday, October 18, 2013

Mother-Daughter Trip

After carefully setting up "supports and services" in order to pull off our annual Mother-Daughter trip, we were dismayed on Friday to have the phone ring as we were about to walk out the door about 30 minutes or so after school started, with a message that Katya was holding her belly and whimpering. I said that I would call Paul and see if he could come check on her before he got too far out of town on his way to take Chad for a field trip to the zoo. Thankfully, I was able to catch him, so after a brief discussion, Paul decided to come home, grab some meds in case she needed them, and go to the school to check on her. I decided to wait to leave town till we were sure Katya was stable. By the time Paul go to school, Katya seemed to be feeling better--he couldn't determine that anything was wrong, and the Aide in fact said she was acting better. So we concluded that possibly she had some transient pain . . . that it had passed, and it was safe for the girls and I to leave.

So off we went, sewing machines and sewing projects in the back of the van, heading for our friends. Usually we spend Friday and Saturday shopping, but since the girls and I have had so little time to sew, we agreed that it would be nice to spend at least part of Friday working on some projects. The girls both had quilt tops that they needed input from our friend, Ann, for, because believe it or not, I'm so NOT a quilter, especially when it comes to doing math and figuring out sizes . . . Good thing I have a friend who can help the girls when I can not!

After being deposited wrongfully on the back-side of Akron, when our Google Map print-out failed us, Charity thankfully was able to pull up a fresh set of directions on my phone (Thank God for technology at times like this!) and we eventually wended our way to our friend's house after taking many, many back roads!

Charity was able to get the help she needed with figuring out her quilt, plus get most of her skirt she was working on sewn. Kristina was able to get all the blocks on her quilt top sewn together in strips, and I got some input on a pillow cover project I have going on, plus I took a much needed nap!

Then it was time to get ourselves freshened up and tool off for the evening's fun!

Yes! A tea house! Kristina thought it was a lot of fun! And with a little effort, we were able to get a dairy free meal for her.

This is what I chose, and oh was it good! Especially the soup! I could eat that Butternut soup again any day!

Charity enjoyed this meal.

My friend, A, got this plate full of goodness.


Her daughter, Amy, got this one.

We unfortunately did not get a good photo of us all together but I snatched a few on my phone to send to Paul so he could show them to Chad and Katya.

Photo: Supper fun!

Charity snapped a few shots of the interior as we walked out.

And one just for a friend of ours . . . .

After a nice relaxing evening, we went to bed, determined to get rested for the next day's adventures!
 Mr W. very kindly started our day off right with a good breakfast, and then off we went. We only went to one fabric store this time, and not a very large one, but that was fine for this year. We haven't had as much time to sew as we had hoped for, and so we didn't need much fabric.We each found a few special pieces after long and careful determination. Then we departed the shop happy after a quick photo shot by the owner of J'Ellen's

We also did some browsing in some other stores. Stopped by Trader Joe's to get sandwiches or salads from the deli fridge and ate them outside in the sun. We then concluded our day by getting cold, sweet treats at a yummy ice-cream/sorbet shop where you could create your own tasty treats.

Fortunately for you, or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about tons of photos in blog posts, we did not take any photos commemorating this day other than the one you see above at the fabric shop.

After getting back to our friend's house, the girls and I loaded up the van and headed for home. We got home in time for me to rock Katya before she went off to bed, so she was happy! She had a hard time with us being gone, and in spite of us talking to her on FaceTime and on the phone, she was pretty sad off and on. Thankfully, she did find moments of enjoyment anyway, and had a great time running around Saturday while at Chad's soccer game, and she also enjoyed going out to eat with her Daddy and Chad and a friend at a local Chinese restaurant.

So our Mother-Daughter trip of 2013 ended, all too soon it felt like . . . it would sure be nice to be able to make it last a little longer, but as long as Katya has such a hard time with Mommy and big sisters being gone, I think we need to be sensitive to that. She is not nearly ready to accompany us on such an outing, since she really does not enjoy shopping more than about for a 20 minute stretch, so we try to juggle meeting her needs and yet meeting the needs of our other kiddos.


Monica @The Mennobrarian said...

I love your yearly post on the mother/daughter trip. The tea house was such a good idea, and so was being able to spend time together sewing without the distractions. This was a true break, and a much deserved one.

Jaimie said...

Oh I love J'Ellen's! I've never been, just read about it (and their "sew"cial lounge) on their blog. I know that are well, it's about 30 minutes from where I grew up. What is the name of the tea shop? My mom might enjoy going there.

Leah said...

Glad you and your daughters had a great mother/daughter trip! The pictures of the Tea house is so beautiful!