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Thursday, October 10, 2013

How School Looks At Our House

Today Kristina said to Chad, "Chad, I'm going to soon need that Ipad to do my school!" Chad's response? "But I'm doing my Algebra!"

What?! Algebra?! An 8 year old! Yes, this is what school can look like at our house . . .

Photo: Todd helping Charity with her Algebra, and Kristina helping Chad with his.

Charity and Chad are both doing Algebra. Todd is helping Charity, and Kristina is helping Chad. "But they just look like they are playing on Ipads!" you cry.

Well, yes, it would look that way. But in reality they are playing on the DragonBox2 App. Charity because she needs the help with strengthening her Algebra skills, and Chad because he thinks it's just a fun thing to do, and likes the idea that he is learning the same things as his big sister--just at a slightly slower rate. Since Kristina has learned some basic principals of Algebra already, she can help Chad. Todd of course can help Charity with her more advanced levels.

Todd is the one who convinced me that I should invest in this App because he thought it would help Charity. He did the research on it and gave me all the good reasons "why" it should be purchased. One of his arguments was, "Where else can you get a Algebra curriculum for her for $9.99?" Add in that math is rather challenging for Charity, and I could see his point. He persuaded me. Charity and Chad are happy he did. It's nice to know I have it on hand if Kristina needs extra help as well.

So while school at our house isn't all about Ipads and apps, we are finding additional ways to use them on top of the obvious--like Kristina's streaming school work.

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