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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Evening Fun

We started our own vanilla making again one evening recently. Last year was the first we had ever done our own, and it was so successful, we decided to do so again this year.

Todd came along while I was stuffing vanilla beans into the alcohol, and wondered if what he had always heard about alcohol being highly flammable was true. I poured some off for him to experiment with.

It was a highly successful experiment.

Chad decided it was a good chance to try an experiment of his own--roasting a Peep candy!

Chad thought that was a success too!!

And as for me, the vanilla making process is coming along QUITE well this year, using a stronger "proof" of alcohol than we did last year. This is how the bottle looked just the next morning--about 11 hours after I started it! It's much, much darker now!

I try to shake it every few days good, and then put it back on the dark shelf. I'm anticipating giving some away for Christmas!


christieminich said...

What kind of alcohol do you use, and how many vanilla beans etc....
In other words... Recipe??? Please! :)

Hope Anne said...

Christie, last year we used 60 proof Vodka. This year we ramped it up to 150 proof I think it is. I put three vanilla beans in per jar. We get the vanilla beans through our co-op in bulk and the alcohol comes from our local store. The stronger alcohol this year seems to be making it stronger faster . . . that's my opinion. ;-) If you try it, let me know how it goes! I look at the thrift store for empty bottles through out the year and then fill them, put a gift tag on them, and enjoy giving away. ;-)

christieminich said...

What size bottles do you use? How many oz's.

Hevel said...

Your bottle looks like some alien incubator technology. I bet it tastes awesome, though.

Milena said...

Stupid foreigner asks: what is it used for? :-)

I understand that you are happy about making it yourself though!

Hope Anne said...

Milena, we use the vanilla in baked goods after it's done. ;-) Milena, Instead of buying vanilla extract. It's fun to make our own. I should post an updated photo--it's much darker now! And you are a NOT a stupid foreigner. ;-)

Hevel, so sorry to have it look so ugly! ;-)

Christie, the bottles we are using are 750 ml. I hope if you make any that you give a link to your blog post about it! ;-)

Milena said...

Aha! Thank you for the explanation! Now I remember having seen vanilla extract at my American friends' house. Here it is not used - we use the inside of the vanilla beans, powdered, sometimes mixed with sugar for convenience (the powdered sugar).

Milena said...

Examining your photo carefully, I think that your vanilla beans are thicker than those that I can buy here. Ours are thin and black (dried).