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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, October 25, 2013


Wednesday Charity harvested the dill in our garden.

Photo: Dill from our garden!

Yes, it really was impressive!

Some heads were around 10 inches in diameter.


After giving some away to local friends, Charity strung the rest up in various places around our house to dry.

Our dinning room has some.

 There is dill in the living room, dill in the sewing room, and dill in the living room too! Even Chad's bedroom has a few bunches hanging there to dry! One thing is sure, I think we will have plenty of dill this winter to season our chicken noodle soups and other dishes!

Very grateful that the garden produced such treasures for us this year!

Charity is of the opinion that if you want "country decor" adding bunches of genuine dill to dry is a good way to achieve the look in earnest. I think she is on to something!


Milena said...

Interesting! In Sweden, we use a lot of dill. But the heads are only used for pickled cucumber, otherwise it is preferred to pick the dill all summer, before it grows heads (interesting sentence:-)!). I have never dried it either; I usually put it in the freezer. But drying it leaves space in the freezer, that is for sure! These small cultural differences really are interesting!

Hope Anne said...

Milena, we use the dill heads for cucumbers too! Yummy! We will just strip the leaves off and use those once they are dried and not use the heads (unless we find some reason to change our minds!) This is the first year we have dried our own dill so we are still feeling our way. ;-)