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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A 180 Degree Spin Part 1

Monday after we woke up and ate breakfast, we headed off to the Wilmer Eye Institute  for a follow up exam on Katya's eyes.

This of course seems to involve much waiting. And more waiting.

But finally we were called back. The absolutely amazing and awesome Mr Alex was there again to examine Katya's vision. She clearly remembered him, and was quite comfortable and cooperative for every thing except giving him back his fancy light right at the end! She thought she should be allowed to keep that for a bit, but finally did surrender it in exchange for the usual lollipop!

He was able to use the typical wall chart of letters this time to test Katya's vision. He had Charity sit on the floor with her back to the chart and then tell him exactly what Katya was signing. According to this exam, Katya's vision had deteriorated somewhat in each eye since April. However, he said that it is possible she just got a "more accurate exam" than last time. The deterioration (if it is indeed that) was not significant enough to warrant glasses "yet" but just to make sure that there was nothing untoward going on with her optic nerves they decided to dilate Katya's eyes.

Alex worked all his magic again, and Katya did great. She makes funny faces when he puts the drops in, but she does NOT cry! So proud of her! And so thankful for Mr Alex's smart tricks . . . because I had seen Katya traumatized too many times before we started going here when people put drops into her eyes. No one in our state that we have encountered has been as smart about putting drops into Katya's eyes as Mr Alex is!

Once her eyes were dilated, it was time to see Dr Repka.

He was not concerned about the change in vision--said it may be a change, or may be due to a more accurate exam. He was extremely pleased again with how well Katya sees, and how well her eyes even manage to work together. He said again how unexpected this is in light of her history.

So we walked out feeling pretty cheerful. Katya was happy she had her shades along to protect her eyes after the dilation. They never offer her sunglasses, so we were thankful to have remembered to take our own.

After a hasty lunch of left-overs we scrounged from the fridges at the Children's House, we headed out to see what we could find to keep Katya occupied. It turned out that her spirits were rather disgruntled and anxious so nothing we thought of seemed like a good plan till Paul hit on the idea of a water taxi ride. Sure enough! She was scared about it, but ended up loving the breeze blowing through her hair as we thought she would.

We went out to Fell's Point and then disembarked to walk around the cobblestone streets for awhile.

The plaque on this interesting building proclaimed it the site of the TV series, "Homicide--Life on the Street". I didn't know anything about it, so I looked it up. Sure enough. Billed by some sites at the "most realistic cop show ever" it sounds like something I might enjoy taking a peek at if I ever had a chance sometime.

When we all got too hot, thirsty and foot-sore to keep on, we ducked into a little shop and each picked a bottle of juice and sat at the counter, swinging our feet as we slowly sipped our drinks. Katya was so thirsty she polished off an ENTIRE bottle of drink! She usually doesn't drink that much unless there is a lot of coaxing and pushing, so we were happy she drank it all!

While we were there we enjoyed the lovely stained glass above the door!

Needing some levity, this sign did the trick for me, setting me off into peals of laughter! Charity thought she better take a photo so we could pass on the fun! ;-)

Love this photo with Katya's hair streaming in the breeze!

My lovely daughter taking a rest outside a shop.

Charity and I found this brass shop very fascinating.

Katya was clearly wearing out, so we decided to head back while things were still relatively peaceful. We had to go to "Whole Foods" anyway to get a couple of items for our supper since the supper being brought in was going to be Pizza with out any dairy free options.
I think Katya enjoyed the ride back more than she had enjoyed the ride out. She signed "YES" when we asked her if she liked riding the boat.

She enjoyed looking at these beautiful flowers after we got off--Charity and I did as well.

There's always something we can find to like or enjoy in Baltimore, no matter how stressed or frustrated we are at needing to be there for medical stuff yet again. I'm so thankful that God blesses us with joy and pleasure even in challenging and dark times. It is a good gift from Him.

--To Be Continued

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