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Monday, September 2, 2013

Kristina Crafts

Kristina's genetic condition, Turner's Syndrome, means that she will always have a small body. She has learned to compensate for being vertically challenged by using stools, and being ingenious other ways. A few months ago she happily informed us that the stool she had used for years and years was getting to be "too high". It meant she was bending down over the sink when washing dishes or working at the counter.

We set about to figure out a solution. It took us a bit till we found the right solution, but when we had cause to go attend to an errand in a neighboring town, we found a Micheal's Craft Store. While I was browsing the aisles, I found a stool that appeared to me just the right height. When Paul wrapped up his business in a nearby store, I consulted him. He agreed, and so the stool went into our cart, and came home to a very happy Kristina!

Since the stool was completely unfinished, Kristina was able to learn some new skills on the stool. First of all, sanding and prepping it for painting, and then painting it.

Sanded and ready to paint, after a little instruction from Dad.

Left-over deck paint kept the project cost effective.

All photos by Kristina. I  think there is something pretty and artistic about this last photo.


I was very happy that Kristina could learn some new skills, preparing a stool that will make life more efficient and comfortable for her. We told her that she can take the stool with her when she eventually leaves home if she wants to. Kristina thought that sounded like a good plan. ;-)

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