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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Happy Update

We think we will get good news when going back to the dentist with Katya in a few months for her 6 month check-up. Why, you ask?? Well, Katya's jaws has been small in proportion to the rest of her face, and her teeth were stuck tightly in her mouth. As she got more and more adult teeth, the crowding grew worse, and there were hints dropped about extensive orthodontia in her future.

Recently I had mentioned to the rest of the family that it appeared to me that Katya's lower half of her face had done some growing. They looked, and said they thought maybe she just had gained weight, resulting in that appearance. However, last night when helping Katya brush her teeth, Charity called me over to look at her mouth. . . on either side of her bottom two front teeth, between her front teeth and the incisor what did we see?? Nice gaps! Gaps that were NOT there before! We were so excited, and exclaimed happily and told Katya she had done a good job of growing her jaw! She looked so tickled with herself and went quite happily up to bed!

I can't wait to see what her plastic surgeon says either when she sees him in October. He had commented a time or two himself on how she seemed tor have a small lower half of her face, which is probably part of what factored into the erroneous diagnosis of Crouzon's Syndrome she was given (without **any** testing to confirm it) in Ukraine. Her Doctor's here in the USA have been so sure she did not have Crouzon's that no one has even mentioned testing to officially dispute the diagnosis. I didn't think she had it either, and this nice jaw growth is just another good reason to conclude that she doesn't have Crouzon's.

I'm not expert enough to catch great pictures of Katya as she is not the easiest person to photograph, but I thought you might like to see a few I snatched after school today.

And not such a good expression but shows how full Katya's sweet face is getting.

Now if we could just get a good photo of those wonderful little gaps between her teeth!! Maybe Charity will be able to help me capture that at some point, but she's off to her group violin lesson, followed by teaching a violin student, and then youth Bible Study and fellowship time.

In other news, I had to smile when signing Katya out at school today. One of the teacher's was there, and she said affectionately, "There's our Katya!" I had to smile to myself . . . "Our Katya?!" I asked her, "What do you do with Katya?" "Nothing," she said, "But we all enjoy her so much!" ;-) Her voice was warm and dripped with genuine affection. I'm so thankful that Katya has such a great placement this year. She really is blooming and thriving just as we anticipated she would!

She goes happily off to school each morning with great enthusiasm, and when I pick her up, she is clearly happy to see me, but not angry and agitated like she was the previous two years so often. Today she actually climbed in the van and giggled quite happily for awhile. I know having proper services in the form of her awesome one-one-one aide who knows ASL is what is making the difference! The extra communication is helping Katya to be less stressed and better able to navigate the school system.


Thanks to everyone who has been shopping through our Amazon Affiliate link on the right hand side. The proceeds from the items you purchase, have been going to help purchase the nutritional supplements that Katya's Dr who oversees that aspect want her to be on. I feel sure that the extra nutrition has been helpful for encouraging optimal bone growth. So thank you again!

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Milena said...

I am so happy for you! What a joy and relief that Katya gets such good opportunities to thrive in school this year!