"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, August 12, 2013

Evening Festivities at J and F Part 5

Tuesday evening, a area church came in to set up little party stations and provide snacks.

Chad thought this was a great time to get his tiger act on! ;-) Here he poses with his lovely STM, Ashley.

A little further down the hillside, a group of motorcyclists arrived. One of them told Paul that he had come last year for the first time, "and I have hardly stopped crying since! It just touched me so much to see these kids having fun!"

Katya said yes, she wanted to ride on a motorcycle, so I jumped in the [long] line of people waiting.

As we got closer and closer to the motorcycles, the din of them revving their engines and tooting their horns became absolutely TOO much for poor Katya!!

She grabbed my hands and clapped them tightly over her ears, and would not let me move them to even pick her up and walk out of there!

Charity finally managed to wiggle my jacket free and get it over Katya's head, and she gratefully hid under it.

Poor Kiddo!

Meanwhile, Chad was having a blast!!

And so was Kristina! (I will add a photo to prove it once I can access one)

And of course, Mr Paul had fun too!

Meanwhile, Katya became adamant that she was NOT riding on those noisy, scary machines! Never mind what she had thought before--she was NOT about to even THINK about it now. So I finally managed to get her to let me pick her up and get out of there. I was bummed that I had failed to anticipate and set up a successful experience for her, but I will be wiser if there is ever a "next-time" and get one rider to come farther away alone and get her set up in a quieter and less chaotic environment.

At least while I was waiting till Katya would allow me to take my hands from her ears long enough to pick her up and walk away, I got to watch this gentleman entertain the line of waiting people. So all was not lost, I suppose.

After letting the kids hang out on the playground till nearly dark, we all went back to our room, took turns showering and getting settled for the night. Thankfully, overall, everyone slept better the second night at Jumonville than we had the first.

And thus ended Tuesday.

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Astrin Ymris said...

Poor Katya! :-(

It sort of adds support to the theory that there's SOMETHING going wrong with the way Katya processes sound. I think a speech pathologist or pediatric audiologist might be able to tell you what kind of testing might be needed to figure out what-- if anything-- that might be.