"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

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Friday, July 26, 2013

This and That

* We now have 40 qts of beans sitting on our shelves, waiting for winter! Plus we are having lots of yummy beans straight from the garden to the house to be prepped to eat as fast as they are cooked and ready! Mmmm!

* Katya had her last day of respite with our summer respite care provider today. I felt sad and like crying when I drove away. We still have a few more weeks to get through till school starts, so hopefully we can get through without respite--actually--not just looking to just "get through" but to emerge from summer and go into the school year with joy and energy, instead of being at the complete end of our strings like we were last year. That.was.NOT.fun.

* We completed the last night of our church's VBS last night. Katya bravely pushed through with VBS in spite of it being held in a building that triggers her orphanage memories. (Old, institutional and brick/tiles reminiscent of her orphanage.) She actually tried hard to participate in the crafts and games this year! ;-)

* An amazing and wonderful gift was given to our family this week. I can't blog about it yet, but I know you will all enjoy reading about it when I can blog about it! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for further info! We are thanking God for it! (No, it's not so exciting as Katya being able to speak . . . that would be way better than this--but this is good too!)

* We received a date today for Katya's next appointment at Johns Hopkins. This will be at the Cranial-Facial clinic with both Dr. Dorafshar and her new Doctor, Dr. Ahn. This meeting stands to likely be an intense meeting, requiring God's wisdom for all of us as we discuss what the Drs would like to do during Katya's surgery (tentatively in November sometime) and try to come to a decision that we all feel comfortable with. Even though the appointment isn't until October, I know that the time will arrive faster than I am ready for emotionally. This is hard. (No, I'm not whining. Just stating facts.)

* Katya's sweet "Daddy's" seem to have "glitched away" after she had been using them for nearly a month. We are needless to say, sad about that. However, we will keep working with hre and encouraging her to keep making sounds and try to coax it forth again, even though it's been several weeks since she was able to say anything more than a faint "Ddd" sound when we coax her to try. She still POINTS at him though so she clearly knows who her Daddy is, and that is what is most important.

What's been going on in your lives?!

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