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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Learning From Older Sibs

Today Kristina was busy building with the set of "Twig" shapes that our friends from Russia/Canada gave the kids last summer when they visited us. My kids LOVE those things and play with them on a regular basis. You can learn more about them here. I can't think of a better gift they could have given, honestly, when I consider the wide range of age and interests that our 3 youngest ones have. And when they are done playing with the blocks, they all pop neatly back into a tidy canvas bag.

So Kristina built this morning. She built the structure to the left of the photo. And what did she notice all of a sudden?

Yep! Miss Katya had duplicated her structure! Quietly, and with no fan-fare.

Well, big whoop, you say! What's so exciting about THAT?

Well, it's pretty funny, since "inability" to follow increasingly complex patterns was part of the testing rational that the school's psychologist used to assess Katya as "moderately intellectually delayed". This finding has been disputed since, and she has proven her evaluation so wrong in so many ways since, even though the psychologist was "sure it is an appropriate test" for a child from her background.

Clearly, it wasn't . . .  Clearly, tests are not necessarily that accurate when it comes to Miss Katya. Why should they be? Her background is NOT the kind of background that the majority of kids who have those tests administered are coming from!

Kristina went on to tear down her original structure and build another. Miss Katya duplicated that one as well.

I say "THREE CHEERS!" for having older sibs around! Clearly, this is good for Katya!

And a very special thanks to Yulia and Evgeniy for such an awesome, awesome present!

What are some of your kids favorite toys?

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