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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Infinitely More

Always on the look out for free, or nearly free, Kindle books to read, I stumbled on to a book over a year ago, called, "Infinitely More" when it was being listed on Amazon for free, as I recall. I quickly snapped it up, thinking that it sounded exactly like the type of book I like to read. It was.

It was the amazing life story of Alex Krutov--from abandoned child in a St. Petersburg, Russia, dumpster, to a dearly loved person with caring family all over the United States, and from powerless, helpless orphan to a mighty man of God, who advocates non-stop for orphans and former orphans!

I was hooked. And so, when some time later, I happened upon  the Facebook page for "The Harbor" he helped to co-found and runs in St. Petersburg, Russia, it didn't take any serious thinking on my part to hit the "like" button. Eventually, Alex and we made contact directly, and we asked him if he would be open to meeting with our family. He was willing, much to our delight, so early last fall, after school had started, I set out with Charity, Chad and Kristina one day and met Alex for lunch. We had a delightful time with Alex. Kristina especially was thrilled to meet a former orphan from her country who was doing well as an adult.

So it wasn't any stretch of the imagination to say that we were beyond thrilled when we found out that our paths could cross with Alex again this week!

This time, all of us except for Todd were able to meet with him for a very leisurely breakfast. Alex was delighted to hear that both of the older girls are working hard on their Russian language learning again, now that a techie FOF (friend of friend) was able to correct the problems that were keeping our Rosetta Stone program from working correctly. The girls are beyond delighted to be learning again, and when Mr Alex decided to give them some quizzes for good measure, they were tickled. Kristina won the competition so after we were done with our leisurely breakfast, Mr Krutov said he would have to reward her! Kristina received the first two American Girl Doll books in the new "Saige" series for her prize, (see our Amazon Affiliate link!)  and Charity received a box of delightful looking chocolates as a "participation prize".

What fun! The girls both agreed he was a great teacher, and said they wished they could take more Russian lessons from him!

It was a lovely morning with great fellowship. I think even Katya enjoyed it overall!

 If you have never read Alex's book, check it out! It's definitely worth reading! And if you ever get a chance to go hear him speak, please do so! I think you will be glad you did.

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hoonew said...

I want to read it- free- but there doesn't seem to be a mac-compatible free download. I hope someone has a solution for this....