"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


On July 5, 2011, Katya's first visit to a Doctor in the USA, her vital statistics were as follows: Height--46 inches Weight--34.4 lbs. BMI--12.76 For her height, she was at 40% on the growth chart, but LESS than 5% on her weight. On June 19, nearly two years later, Katya had a physical today, in preparation for a dental procedure next week on Monday, God willing. Height--50 inches Weight--46.8 lbs BMI--13.2 I was not given info on the growth and weight chart today, so I don't know exactly where she falls on all that. Would be interesting to find out. As the Dr. said today, "She's getting nice weight--for HER." In other words, she needs to put on more, but given where she was at versus where she is now, we have come a long, long way. Katya is thoroughly enjoying her summer vacation! Respite is going well--she is eager to go every week and jumps out of the van eager to go play. The regular respite is helping our family function much better than last summer when we only had respite 3 times the whole summer for brief periods of time. Katya is getting nicely tanned (as "brown as a berry") and her hair is loaded with beautiful blond summer-sun highlights. ;-) She's growing, learning, loving. Our Sweet Katya.


Astrin Ymris said...

I checked my child care references-- 50" is the average height for an eight-year-old girl at the 50th percentile in height. I can't remember Katya's age offhand, but that's pretty close, isn't it? Please be aware that my sources were normed decades ago, and may not match more recent norms.

My info also gives a 51-61 pound weight range for a prepubescent girl of that height. This may be a better guide for what a healthy child SHOULD weigh than more recent data! ;-D

Either way, Katya looks SOOO grown-up now, sitting on the floor in her blue dress, examining the gizmos inside the blocks! Is there any prospect of finding her some simple machines to do some hands-on experimenting with this summer? Some children's museums may offer this.

I'm glad the dental situation has been satisfactorily resolved.

Hope Anne said...

Yes, Katya loves going to Children's Museums. We have several we take her to. ;-) She also likes building marble rollers (though her frustration level is quickly reached with those) here at home, and she likes to do other various activities with her hands. ;-) And yes, we are glad too that the Dental Saga is finally at an end. It was hard to be patient and push through till we got the right team to care for her, but I'm very thankful that we made up our mind to not settle for anything less than the best for her. Our persistence paid off.