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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Katya's First Wedding

Katya attended her first wedding today.

We tried to explain it to her before hand as well as we could. I don't think she understood much. When we got to the camp where the wedding was held, she clearly was anxious. But as we walked along the little lake and into the woods, she began to relax.

 By the time we crossed the bridge, she was starting to cheer up a trifle.

And before we got to the place the wedding service was going to be held, she was actually quite cheered up.

She was curious and interested in looking around once we were seated in the amazing spot that this young couple found for their wedding! The waterfall interested her. And the music playing soothed her.

When Katya got bored waiting, we whispered for her to watch--that pretty soon a pretty girl in a white dress would come walking past our wooden bench. Sure enough, after a little bit, the pretty girl came! Katya approved.

Intently, she studied the program for awhile.

Soon enough, the wedding service was done.

And then we walked all the way back, and stood in line to get to shake hands with the bride and groom and then eat. Katya found it a bit hard to be patient for so very long.


Getting held by Daddy helped a lot.
And hugs from Mama.

Finally we got up to the bride and groom!

To our surprise, Katya hugged the bride! Not once, but twice--and took a good feel of her dress too!

And then, oh my! When she showed interest in the father of the bridge's boutonniere, he asked if Katya would be allowed to have, and took it off and gave it to her!

And in seconds, we were able to sit down and Katya could dive into the cold drink and the chips and salsa, while examining her flower.

Katya was so happy when Charity brought her a generous plate of fruit form the chocolate fountain.

By the time the main course (a yummy, yummy taco salad) was served, Katya had eaten herself  98% full of chips, salsa and fruit, and only picked at her taco salad half-heartedly. The fact that she had seen the cake just MAY have had a little lot to do with her reluctance to eat any more food!

The cake slid down nicely when it showed up, just as I had suspected.

Overall, Katya did really, really well, clear up until close to the end of the reception. Then she had finally had all she could take and was finished and ready to get out.

Still, not bad at all for her first wedding!

Congratulations to Ricky and Sara--may your life together be blessed by God!

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Christie Minich said...

Alli attended her first wedding last Sunday. She loved it. :) It was also in the woods.