"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy Love . . . .

When I think of Daddy Love, I keep mentally thinking of these two pictures:

Taken just a little over two years ago, the first is very poignant. When we first arrived in Ukraine, Katya was extremely wary of Paul and desired to have very little to nothing to do with him. On our second or third visit to Katya at the orphanage, we arrived to find her check was swollen and seemed painful to her. Paul finally took his warm hands and just gently cradled her face. Katya responded to that, relaxing into his touch. From that point on, the tide turned. She began to accept this new person called "Papa" into her heart. She began to make brief and limited eye contact with him, checking his face out carefully.

My husband sacrificed things that most people would say lands him officially on the "some kind of crazy" list in order to bring home first Kristina, and then he sacrificed even more in order to bring home Katya. I'm very proud of Paul that he listened to the voice of God--that he chose to say "YES" to God's call to save Katya's life. I'm even more proud of him that when he arrived in Ukraine and saw how absolutely developmentally and emotionally behind Katya was, and the huge extent of her needs, that he did not turn tail and run, screaming, "Noooooo". He could have. He truly could have. But in spite of his concern  apprehensions pit of the stomach fears, Paul kept saying, "Yes, Lord!" all the way.

And to this day, Paul sacrifices himself for all of his kiddos, but especially for Katya. He has lost sleep, survived on only an hour or so of sleep caught on a bench while spending the rest of the night keeping vigil over her bed at the PICU, given up his own pleasures and even his NEEDS regularly in order to make sure that Katya's needs were met. I can't even begin to sanely blog about all the many ways Paul is a hero due to his passionate care for not only his bio children, but also the ones God has placed into our lives through adoption. I'm blessed to be married to a man who knows that it's entirely possible to love another man's child as deeply and passionately as if they came from his own DNA.

Our children are blessed because they have a Daddy who is proud of them--and they know it. They have a Dad who loves them deeply and sacrifices every single day to make things better and happier for them. They have a Dad who prays for them, and is willing to cross the ocean at whatever cost to bring them home so he can care for them. Paul has been willing to stand as an "odd-ball" to do whatever it takes to help our kiddos.

I'm very thankful and proud to have him as my husband, and the father of our 5 precious children.

Happy, Happy Father's Day, Honey!

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katiemacgregor said...

what a beautiful post! god certainly chose well for you! & for your kids <3

much love,