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Monday, June 24, 2013

And It's Done . . .

And the saga of finding and scheduling good dental care (safe and compassionate dental care!) is done. Katya's mouth is all fixed up, and she has a great mouthful of shiny pearly whites, along with some shiny metal! I will spare you all the boring details--the phone calls, the emails, the unhappy conversations and the happy conversations! I will spare you agonizingly detailed recitals about emails flying back and forth to Johns Hopkins and else where. Because it just might exhaust you and make you want to cry. Just like it did us.

 So . . . happy news . . . the good news is that finally after one misadventure after another with the local dentist and his anesthesiologist which drug out for several months, we were given a tip about a superb dentist and his anesthesiologist another town.

We set up an appointment, met with the office staff, loved how respectful and careful they were with Katya, and decided to go ahead and use them, even though the estimated cost was a good chunk more than our local office was giving as their best guess estimate of costs. Fortunately, the cost factor was totally resolved when we were hooked up with a grant organization, "Building Blocks for Kids". They told us, "This is the kind of case we love to help with!" After we filled out all their paper work, we rapidly were approved for funding above and beyond what we had received in donations and had saved up for this procedure.

So then the great wait began until they had a slot for Katya. Finally today was the day!

Katya was an awesome champ! She was particularly snuggly and cuddly, with great eye contact, while waiting for the procedure to begin. We had explained to her that the dentist would give her some medicine to  make her sleep, and while she was sleeping, they would fix all the owie spots on her teeth. She seemed to get that, and was extremely cooperative.

Dr. V.D. was very patient and understanding, having spent serious time prior talking with me, and also reviewing Katya's medical records, and looking over her blog and watching a video clip of Katya. This was in sharp contrast to the previous gentleman who was supposed to be in charge of putting my daughter to sleep. His strongest area of interest? "Is she potty trained?" (THREE times in one 15 minute conversation) and "Is she retarded?" (Oh yes, oh yes he DID use that word.)

Because Dr. V.D. had a great understanding of Katya's past history, and present challenges, she moved slowly, explaining every thing to Katya, and making sure she did not startle or scare her. Katya took every thing in stride, and only cried just a little bit when they inserted the IV. She did fabulously.

The cutest thing when Katya was barely awake--she wanted the Play Doh that had been given to her before she fell asleep. She also spotted the tooth brush and a stuffed animal that had been laid on the table when she was SOUND ASLEEP  for her to take home. Smart kiddo that she is, she intuitively decided those things must surely be meant for HER--who else would they be for?! She scooped the items all up, and with her arms loaded, pointed most emphatically to the door! We inquired if she needed the bathroom, just in case. She signed, "No!" and again pointed to the door. So her meaning was clear--"Let's get out of here!"

Soon we were able to leave, and Katya carefully carried all those items out with her. You will be even MORE proud of her when I tell you that after we got home, all on her own, she put the stuffed animal in the box where stuffed animal that are "common property" go (she has a few she has chosen to keep on her head board) and then she took her tooth brush out of the bag and went and put it into the cupboard where her tooth brush goes!

Ownership, responsibility, making choices . . .  wow! So many, many positive things are blooming inside our little gal! I love seeing how Katya is able to observe life and make positive choices for herself as she is treated with love and respect.

I'm glad that even though we have sometimes had to spin around for awhile so to speak in the mud, that we keep finding great providers for Katya. I'm thankful for God-given Mommy intuition that led us away from the other Dr. who was not a great fit for Katya. After all she has already endured in her little life, I am uber-passionate about only allowing people who really care about her as an individual to care for her. How else can she be expected to learn what a precious and wonderful little girl she is?!

Special thanks to Dr. C and his office and Dr. V.D. and her staff for their excellent, gentle care for Miss Katya today! You guys rocked. ;-)

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