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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Have Been Sewing and Planting

One of the girl's needed a new slip. When I rummaged in my stash of fabric, I did not come up with any suitable pieces of fabric large enough to make into a slip.

So I dug deeper, and pulled out the flat sheet of a sheet set that had the pillowcases and fitted sheet wear out. I had tucked the top sheet away, not entirely sure what I would do with it, but thinking it might come in handy.

Evidently, the day had come. I measured and then cut out a rectangle that I thought would allow enough fullness in the skirt to be practical, but hopefully not so full at the top as to be ridiculous. Normally, we make A-line style slips, but with wanting to incorporate the wide lace edging on the flat sheet, I wasn't sure an A-line approach would be suitable.

The recipient was satisfied when we were finished, so I will call it a good job! And we had all the materials on hand so that was excellent. ;-)

It is always satisfying to create something thrifty like this. And I just love the wide lace on the bottom!

Charity helped sew this, and then she tackled two aprons for preschoolers/kindergartners.

The shark apron is for a baby gift for friends of ours who had a son recently.

And the adorable owl apron was made to sell, and we already have a buyer!
The apron is 100% cotton and can be machine washed and dried! Mom's generally tend to love these, and so do the kids.

Charity and I hope to tackle many more sewing projects for our family, and also to sell this summer.

Kristina has discovered this year that she really likes planting flowers, and Katya also is loving helping. She has her very own flower pot that she takes good care of, and she keeps a sharp eye on the rest of the flowers.

Love seeing them enjoying the pleasure of planting together!

Katya loves flowers and planting them makes her happy!

Isn't she just blooming?!

And look at what Katya colored ALL BY HERSELF this week!!!

Not bad at all for a kiddo who less than two years ago had not been allowed to color, draw, cut, or paste!

We are loving watching her talents expand more and more this year!

Photos compliments of  "Wares By Cherry".


hoonew said...

Love the slip project- stunning success!

katiemacgregor said...

A whole family of clever girls! I have so much fabric stashed away for projects that I never seem to get around to....I'm feeling inspirited now though :)

I love Charity's aprons. They're gorgeous. & oh Katya's face in the planting photos! DEFINITELY blooming. Blossoming, flowering, growing, sprouting....all of it :)

Much love xx

Leslie said...

Very impressed by the slip--so cute and clever. Adorable aprons, too.