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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Something Cheerful

Today was the kind of day that there wouldn't have been enough chocolate to deal with it, even if I had chocolate on hand!

So instead of blogging about it right now, you are getting a cheerful post. And when I have had more time to process    digest  rant and rave in private, and get to the point of forming coherent sentences about my trip to visit the possible school placement for next year, then I will blog about it!

In the meantime . . . sweetness . . .

This is a doll blanket I started for my little niece several years ago. It's finally ALL done, thanks to Charity making bias tape out of the pink Raggedy Ann and Andy flannel, and carefully sewing it on for me. I'm sooo pleased that the project is done. I have never done any thing this large before in terms of making a complete quilt/comforter. Very tickled with how soft and comfortable it turned out to be.

I think I'd be happy for a similar one for myself in a slightly larger size! What about you?!

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