"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Now the Eyes . . . .

So yesterday Katya woke up with her right eye a little swollen. We duly noted it, but did not panic.

By bedtime, it looked a lot worse, and was turning reddish on the skin, as well as looking a bit oozy.

This morning, it was definitely way worse and the left eye was swollen now too.

Charity managed to snap some photos to send to Dr. Dorafshar while Katya was chowing down on granola and fruit.

Poor Katya! She clearly didn't like how her eyes felt, but she was determined to still eat one of her favorite breakfasts--homemade granola with fresh fruit.

Dr. Dorafashar soon emailed back (bless him--he's so good to do that!) and said he figured (as I did) that it was a simple infection--probably conjunctivitis--not related to any thing with her surgeries, but he would be on stand-by via phone if the Drs needed to speak to him.

So due to several considerations (the condition of our van,  how I was feeling, the fact Charity was out for the morning with a friend of hers and not able to baby sit, and a few other things) we decided to try the local urgent care, rather than going to the Children's Hospital urgent care.

Katya got a lovely female Doctor who was patient and kind, but very thorough with Katya. She finally decided that it's likely "pink eye" (although Katya doesn't show the characteristic blood shot look to the eyes) and prescribed antibiotic eye drops. Katya took going to Urgent Care VERY well--she did not get noticeably anxious or panicked, even with a new place AND a new Dr. We were VERY proud of her.

As for me, I had pink eye left and right as a child. It was utterly miserable. But in all my 20 years of parenting . . . this is the first child of mine who has had it! I'm holding my breath and praying it does NOT sweep through the family, but given how Katya rubs her eyes and then puts her hands every where, and vice a versa, it's neither surprising to me that she got pink eye, nor will it be surprising if she passes it around to the rest of us.

I'm grateful that it seems like the problem this time is a "common" problem. Hopefully she feels better/looks better by Monday and can return to school for the last two and a half days of the year. Katya was out still recovering from surgery last year, so she didn't get to see how the school year winds down, and then finishes. I want her to be able to experience that this year.


Fatcat said...

Wash your hands a bazillion times a day. That's the best thing. Hope she's better soon.

Boysmom said...

We've had it a bunch of times, even me, the mom. Rarely does it get passed around to my amazement. I hope she feels better soon.