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Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Respite Situation

Now that school is out for the summer, we are trying to broaden Katya's world and increase our options for her when she needs care. Katya has a lot of understandable anxiety issues, so helping her ease into a new situation is very important.

We thankfully have a lovely teen here in our communtity who has done some sitting for Katya at our home on a few occassions when Paul, Charity and I all needed to be away. Her family was willing to open their home to Katya to see how respite care for her will go.

Yesterday was the first time Katya went there. She was anxious, as we knew she would be, but after starting to see some of the toys and things, she calmed down a lot. We left Kristina to be additional reassurance to her, and kept the first visit fairly short. She did great, and ended up having a lot of fun till the visit was done!

The chalk drawing was so fun for her!

Kristina enjoyed it too!
Katya also enjoyed watching their farm animals from afar! When she was going to bed last night, Charity was visiting with Katya and talking about her day. She mentioned to Katya that there were animals at E's house. Katya quickly signed "horse!" and Charity agreed. "Yes, they have horses. How many did they have?" Katya's face grew very thoughtful, and then she signed, "Two" which was exactly the amount of horses they have! We were so excited to have that bit of "conversation" with her! We look forward to more interaction with Katya as her understanding and use of ASL continues to expand.
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Lauren said...

There are some fantastic free resources available on sites like www.handspeak.com (they have an app as well) and YouTube. It's not formal education, per se, but they're great tools to maintain and expand the whole family's ASL skills over the break.