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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank You, Stephanie!

We had a pleasant surprise the other week . . . .  a package came to our house . . . and inside was this very useful book!

I was so excited! There are signs we already know in here, but lots of new ones that are useful are in it as well! And because the hands are actual photographs I do much better learning that way than with the books that just show drawings! It doesn't make so much difference to the kids who pick up signs easily, but for this "old dog" who is having a trifle of a hard time learning new tricks, it's especially helpful!

Thank you, kind reader, Stephanie, for the joy and excitement you brought to our house with your surprise package! Thank you for choosing this for us from Katya's Amazon Wish List. ;-)

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csmith said...

We have that book and my kids loved it when we were learning signs to help my daughter communicate. I also use lifeprint.com and aslpro.com quite often, they both show video of people signing words and phrases, super helpful.