"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Boy, Is It Big"

As Charity shares in her blog post, we got some NEWS today. Some very BIG NEWS.

Long term blog readers will remember how sad and disappointed we were when soon after Katya was home and had her eyes evaluated, we were told that her vision was extremely low--so low they weren't sure how bad exactly it was, but bad enough that she could be close to legally blind. It was recommended that we take her to the low vision clinic for any suggestions they could give us on how to help her navigate best through life.

Well, things got so hairy with her surgery, and then all the upheavals we have had post-op that it all got kind of shoved to the back burner. Besides, we were noticing post-op that Katya's vision seemed to have defnitely improved some. Things she never had noticed before--like miniscule spiders in a corner of a room up by the ceiling for instance--were suddenly visible to her, causing great shrieks of panic.

Little by little, she calmed down, but we continued to notice various ways it seemed her vision might have improved. So we were not surprised to be given good news at the eye specialists at Johns Hopkins today. We were not ENTIRELY surprised, I should say. But . . . we had our socks absolutely 100% about blown off by the news we did get!

Katya's vision has improved. Not just a little bit. Not even say oh, 50% . . . but a whole WALLOPING LOT! Our miracle girl tested out at 20/25 in BOTH EYES !!! 20/25, folks! Are you reading that?!! This is the kiddo who was being told that her eyes were so bad and that it was from nerve damage likely, and that glasses would do nothing to improve it.

At first today (as they had her previous reports in their hands) they tried to tell us that probably the other specialists hadn't known how to get a good exam from her. We said no, what they told us then agreed with how she lived. It matched.

We had seen a change for the better. Did they think that the surgery to relieve the pressure on Katya's brain had helped reverse the nerve damage, along with the fact that we focused on good nutrition, with an emphasis on things that would help possibly heal nerve damage? "It's entirely within the realm of possiblity," they told us.

Here is what the "world renowned eye specialist" told us--"This is miraculous given your daughter's history. We should NOT be seeing this level of quality of vision with a history like she has."

GOD . . . GOD . . . . GOD . . . tears of joy and thankfulness . . . He is an amazing God  . . . and we give Him the honor and glory . . .

Don't you agree with this?? THIS IS BIG, PEOPLE! Our daughter can see! And she doesn't even need glasses to do so!

We absolutely can not wait to tell Dr Dorafshar and Dr Carson tomorrow. I think they will be sooo happy with us!


Laura Elizabeth said...

Wow, amazing! God is so good! I am so happy for Katya and for all of you. I can't wait to see her improve more and more throughout the years. She is very blessed to have such a loving family :D

Carolyn said...

So wonderful! Thanking God along with you!


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