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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Technology and Dr. Dorafashar

Johns Hopkins posted a story about the technology that Dr. Dorafshar pioneered with Katya in March of 2012 prior to her 9.5 hour long surgery. (12 hours under General Anesthesia due to all the prep work they had to do on her prior to starting the surgery.) I am always happy to see stories of other kiddos who are benefiting from the ground breaking work he did with Katya!

Dr. Carson had told us the day before surgery that he truly doubted they could get every thing done that needed to be done in one surgery, but then he added, "I don't know. Maybe Dr. Dorafshar with his fancy new computer program can figure out some way to do it--but I doubt it!"

Well, Dr. Dorafshar DID figure out how to do it, thankfully!

Initially, because we had very little time to interact with Dr. D. prior to Katya's surgery, I think things were a trifle uncomfortable. He wasn't always sure how to take some of our questions, and we weren't altogether sure how to relate to him some of the time. But those issues were rapidly resolved and we grew to have a mutual understanding and respect. Can not tell you enough how much our whole family respects and appreciates Dr. D. as we affectionately call him now around here. He is always caring, concerned, and totally enthusiastic about Katya and her progress!

He has gone out of his way many a time to make sure Katya had good care--even staying up when on vacation in England and calling throughout the night time to issue suggestions/orders for her care when we had her in a Children's Hospital ER with unexplained swelling and pain around the eye he relocated. It's not every famous surgeon who will give you his personal cell phone number and allow you to use it! We always make sure we don't abuse it, but we are sure grateful for it when we need it! And the staff at the Children's Hospital were extremely grateful for his knowledgeable and caring involvement in Katya's care.

Dr. Dorafshar is a Dr. we would highly recommend to any parents needing a plastic surgeon for their child.

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