"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Needed Good News

Today was a day with good news, which was so nice!

First of all, when I dropped Katya at school, her Para (who I dearly love) pulled me aside and said she just had to tell me a story about Katya from yesterday! Well, when that happens, I know it's likely to be a happy, warm fuzzies sort of story, and this time did not disappoint!

She said that yesterday when she was assessing Katya's knowledge of the alphabet, showing Katya flash cards of both the upper and lower case letters, and seeing how many Katya could correctly sign for, she was also having Katya try to make the sounds for the letters. Katya can make the sounds for many letters now, but not all the sounds, even though she tries.

So when they got to the letter "K", Katya tried and tried to make the sound but was unable to. After a bit, she rummaged through the alphabet cards, found the letter "C" and pushed it over by the letter "K". Katya then signed, "Same! Same"!

The Para was so happy and astonished that she immediately texted the teacher who was not present at the moment to tell her what Katya had done! ;-)

When I came home and cheerfully told the story to Charity, she said matter of factly, "Yes, I know she knows that. I told her that when I was sitting with her during her bath and she was playing with her foam letters."

Yet again, Katya has demonstrated that she is absorbing knowledge in one setting and able to accurately transfer it and apply it in a new setting.

As the Para said, "She is just full of surprises."

Yes, kind of sort of not really.

Because you see, all along, we have believed that there is far, far more to Miss Katya than meets the eye of the casual observer. And that much that brands her in people's eyes as "intellectually delayed" is really a lack of teaching and exposure to even the most common of building blocks for educational development--such an extreme lack that in our minds here in the USA it can almost not even be comprehended by most educators and assessors. Even when I try to explain it to them, I think they don't really "get" how bad it was.

Anyway . . . moving on as I was walking out of the building, I ran into the person I had blogged about here. I had thought the last 6 weeks or so that there was being a shift towards a more positive outlook and approach towards Katya, and my convo today reconfirmed that! I'm so glad! I truly believe that Katya is aware of how people feel about her, and that the fact the person's atittude has improved some influences the fact that they reported to me that "Katya is smiling a lot more at me when I talk to her." And of course, that creates a happy cycle . . . because we LIKE to talk to people who smile and acknowledge us more than we do people who screech and/or refuse to acknowledge us in any pleasant manner.

I'm grateful for good reports . . . grateful for people who love and care about Katya at school, Drs offices, home, church and else where! I can not fully convey to my blog readers the huge changes that have occurred in her already, and she hasn't even been home two years yet! I can only imagine as her English understanding improves, and as she gets "building blocks" and "hooks" for her knowledge to go on that she will continue to bloom.


Natalia said...

I love good news. Thank you for sharing.

Milena said...

Your story made me think about an article I read a few years ago in a parental magazine, about a family who had adoted a six year old from an institution in a Baltic country. When the mother read a very simple board book to her child, the child would answer questions like "what does the horse eat?" with answers like "I don't know. Rats?". Not out of lack of intellectual capacity, but because of lack of all that interaction that happens between a child and the parents and siblings during the early years. I can imagine the situation is the same for Katya, almost like she is new to Planet Earth, if you understand what I mean. I'm so thrilled for you that you see such positive confirmation that she is indeed a clever little girl!

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