"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest Post

Hallo! This is Charity. I'm mother's representative. She's been ill--as ill as I've ever seen her, baring the time she nearly died of a spiderbite because the overconfident green-horn doc insisted she was having kidney failure. (Yes, that was back when our life was dull.)

This picture, from an organized album, occurred 8 pages after my second birthday, and 15 pages before my third, so do the math. She hasn't been this sick in 15 years. Please note: her condition  was much improved by the time this picture was taken.
I did not take a picture of her this go-round, because there isn't much to see. A ruptured ear-drum and a fever of 107.5 (yes, the thermometer was accurate)  isn't as glamorous as a spider-bite. Too-many darkened rooms and tissues.* Not to mention I've been rather busy, being a gopher. ("Go-for this, go-for that". It's a pun.)  
The Friendship-Party did their Easter edition. It's the first party of it's kind I've been to: Katya was quarantined last year, just mere days before her cranial surgery, and only Kristina and Chad went.  Yes, I could've gone anyway;  there are other teens there that I know, but we're there to keep our charges from-- I'm not sure what, exactly, but we're there for a purpose, and jawing isn't it.  
 But Katya wasn't quarantined this year, and so there she is. All dressed up in a wisteria jumper and looking nearly as cute as she ever looks.
In many ways the party was as usual-- games, snacks, music-- but as would be expected of an Easter Party, there was an egg hunt. Indoors, due to the drippy weather. If we'd known, we would've put Katya's nice black church shoes on her, in place of the pink ones.
All the other kids (not pictured) went zipping around from place to place, excitedly gathering eggs. Not Katya. She was excited, but she had method.  She took her bucket, picked a likely looking pew, and "vacuumed" her way down the aisle. 


"No egg left behind" seemed to be her motto.
She wasn't greedy, though.  Once she had assured herself of having her share of loot, she was content to sit and examine it.
(This is the only sharp picture I got of her. She's always in motion.)
Your prayers for health and healing appreciated.
* Mum wishes me to inform you that she has been to the doctor, and is on antibiotics, and other drugs.


Carolyn said...

Get well soon Hope Anne!

~ Carolyn

Milena said...

I hope that your mother will get well really soon , and thank you for the nice update. You are as skilled a writer as your mother is! I giggled at Katya's method while egg-hunting, and rejoiced at the fact that she wasn't greedy, which many children would have been. Such a clever, good girl!