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Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Friday, March 1, 2013

Books, Books, and More Books

One of Katya's blog readers, Fionn, asks: "Do you have a book wishlist for Katya and her siblings at Amazon? My kids would love to send you all some books :) ".

I had not thought of having a separate wish list for Katya--up to this point, I'd thrown her items in with our main wish list. But I think that is a great idea, and so now Katya has her own wish list!

Here it is: http://amzn.com/w/3H7TXA4IJTJN2

However, I have one **BIG** request--I'm going to ask that if you want to purchase her books, please do so through someone else's affilate link, **NOT** hers. Amazon for whatever reasons seems very concerned that people not gain any affilate money from people they are close to relationally. If you purchase an item to ship to Katya through her affiliate link, their computer algorithim will likely pick up on it and bar any future purchases you might make through Katya's affilate link from benefiting her. Never mind that I may not know you from Adam or Eve . . . it's just how their computer system works. It possibly may do so in the future even if you use some one else's affilate link to ship Katya an item from her wish list, as they seem to keep track of such matters, based on what another friend experienced.

We use the affilate link funds to purchase supplements, educational books and other items Katya and our family need, and I'd prefer the affilate link not get mired up from someone kindly trying to ship something to Katya from her wish list. . . .

If you still feel confused, feel free to ask questions . . .  ;-)

On the books front, Katya's classroom was one of the top 3 fundraisers in the school for the Scholastic books fundraiser. As a happy result, the kiddos got to bring home a free book! I don't know whether the children were able to choose what book they wanted, or if they were just handed one, but Katya was happy to bring home a Jan Brett book, "The Easter Egg". We are fans of most of the Jan Brett books, and I'm looking forward to having that book in our collection of Spring/Easter books. It's so refreshing to see the enthusiasm Katya is showing the last few weeks about books!


Susan in Mass said...

Can you give me/suggest someone else's affiliate link to use? And if I use someone else's, how do I get it sent to you/Katya? Thanks.

Hope Anne said...

I would suggest you just check on blogs you enjoy reading and see if anyone has a link (besides us! ;-) ) You can also order without using an affilate link . . . As to how any wish list orders will get to us, my understanding is that Amazon ships it directly to us using our address that they have on file. As I said, their computers seem to keep tabs. . . . Hope that helps! ;-)

Hevel Cohen said...

One gift purchase for me through no one's affiliate link, using a different email address from what she used to order from my affiliate link, but using the same debit card has flagged a person for me.

Fionn said...

The shipping address does not seem to be attached to the wish list, but that is quick to fix:

Near the top of your wish list is an option called "Manage this list." Choose that and then "Edit settings." That will take you to a page where you can link the list and the address.

Then we, your readers, can send things from the list without knowing your mailing address :)

Hope Anne said...

Fionn, thank you for alerting me! I thought it was automatically set correctly. I believe I have fixed it now. Hopefully so. If you still have problems, please let me know. Thank you. ;-)

Fionn said...

It works just fine now, thank you! :)

Susan in Massachusetts said...

It worked! A few things on the way for Katya!