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Monday, March 4, 2013

An Ethical Adoption Fundraiser

I have touched before, as have some of my readers, on the concerns about the need for more ethical adoptions. Too many times things are NOT ethical in the adoption world, and while there can be a lack of ethics on the USA side, things can get doubly murky as soon as your feet touch down on foreign soil!

So, it is with GREAT DELIGHT that I announce that my blog readers have a great opportunity here to help with a truly ETHICAL ADOPTION! My dear friend, Leah, set out to adopt her son, Axel, from Serbia a few years ago and ran smack dab into a lot of murk and muck and evil. She didn't take it sitting down. Instead, she spoke up. And as as a result of her speaking up, she was black-listed in a lot of the international and Down's Syndrome adoption community. What a sad thing, because as a direct result of Leah speaking up, the Serbian Government set about to create an ethical and transparent adoption process! No more bribes, no more illegal photo-listing of kids, no more sneaky, shady stuff! And wow, did the cost of an adoption in Serbia go right on DOWN after that!

Leah went on to adopt again from Serbia, under the new transparent and ethical adoption process, and found it so satisfying, she is going back yet again, seeking to bring Little B. home. Because Leah was brave and bold enough to speak out about the truth of what was going on, she has a very small support base. She has manageds to raise most of the funds she needs ON HER OWN.

However, she still needs a helping hand as she is in the final push! Here's where we come in--one of her friends has donated a KINDLE to her to use for fundraising! And now we can pitch in and help bring "Little B" home to his loving home where he will be cared for and taught to function to the full extent of his abilities. We personally don't have a ton of funds available but we have done what we can, because we are excited about this ETHICAL ADOPTION,  the transparent and fair process Serbia has, AND the fact that one more child will have a loving home and family!

Check it out, and help a child!! You can blog, Facebook and/or make a donation. And Leah will choose one happy winner at the end . . . Me, I'd LOVE to have that Kindle come to our house, but hey, if Leah gets the funds she needs, I don't really care *who* gets it, you know?!

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