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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

365 Days Ago . . .

Charity blogs about 365 days ago  . . .

Read, and leave her some bloggy comment love.


In other news, I am still slowly recovering from the illness that felled me. I hope and pray to never be this sick again. I also am hoping and praying that my ear drum will heal on it's own, and my hearing will be restored. Mom's need their hearing  . . . My hearing wasn't real good before this happened, but it's utterly lousy now. The only thing is that I "hear" things so poorly that it can be rather entertaining at times . . .so I suppose there is always that to be thankful for. The other thing is that when I stick my one ear that has a bit of remaining hearing down on my pillow, it's awfully quiet and I can sleep  . . .  Of course, as a Mom . . . that can be a bad thing too, and it's sure hard to hear Dh when he talks to me--even if my ear isn't on the pillow. I find myself having to tell my family  again and again, "Please look at me and speak slowly and loudly!"

So yeah, prayers for healing appreciated.

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